Zhu Ling

Polyporus Umbellatus, Polyporus

zhu ling

Zhu ling, 猪苓, Polyporus umbellatus grows in beech and mixed forests on basic calcareous soil. The mushroom fruiting body can be eaten as a mushroom, and the sclerotium is used as a vitality mushroom. A sclerotium is a densely intertwined solid mycelial mass beneath the earth's surface. It can resist cold and drought. In the case of zhu ling, the sclerotium is a tuberous structure with tough corky interior and a wrinkled brownish-black bark. It grows around most thin surviving tree roots.

Traditionally, zhu ling has been used in herbal mixtures for ages. Due to its sweetness and mildness, zhu ling can drain dampness and lightly cool heat without damaging Yin or Qi. Thus, this vitality mushroom is appropriate in cases where there is a blockage due to dampness.

This vitality mushroom powder is available as a single remedy or for individual prescription in medicinal mushroom and TCM granule formulations.

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