Hui Shu Hua

Grifola Frondosa, Maitake, HEN OF THE WOODS

hui shu hua

The name Maitake comes from Japanese and means «dancing mushroom». The name refers to the celebratory dance that the collectors would perform. Although it can have a diameter of up to 50 cm and a weight of more than 20 kilograms, it is difficult to distinguish from old foliage due to its brown color and the structure of its fruiting body and therefore it can be difficult to find. However, if one finds a rattling sponge, which btw, is its German name, findit is likely that you can it again in the following year in the same place. It is bound to the natural spread of oak trees.

Maitake is sweet in taste, neutral in temperature. It tonifies the middle, drains dampness and cools heat.

This vitality mushroom is available as
- powder for individual prescription in medicinal mushroom and TCM granule formulations
- finished product of the LianGu line in capsules

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