Power Tea

Chinese Herbal Tea



Helps with lack of energy, fatigue and a weak back during and after pregnancy. Atractylodes root stock bai zhu and chinese yam shan yao provide energy (qi) by aiding food absorption and digestion. Chinese angelica root dang gui, goji berries gou qi zi and white peony root bai shao nourish the body and gently promote circulation. Chinese dodder seeds tu si zi and eucommia bark du zhong stabilize and provide support during pregnancy and strengthen the back. The sweetness of roasted apple ping guo gan harmonizes and strengthens. The fruity-fresh aroma of rose hip qiang wei guo rounds off the tea.


Pinyin English
ping gou gan roasted apple
gou qi zi goji berries
shan yao Chinese yam
bai shao white peony root
tu si zi

Chinese dodder seeds

bai zhu atractylodis rhizome
du zhong eucommia bark
qiang wei guo rose hip
dang gui Chinese angelica root

Package size: 80 g


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