Mama Blues Tea

Chinese Herbal Tea



Childbirth is a great strain and can exhaust the mother both physically and mentally. Temporary periods of low spirits may occur. Grain tea is drunk in Far Eastern traditions to soothe the emotions, so galanga gao liang is an important ingredient in Mama Blues tea. Nourishing white peony root bai shao, spiny zizphus seed suan zao ren, and lily bulb bai he help calm and support restful sleep. Poria with hostwood fu shen helps with clear thinking. The sweetness of Chinese date da zao as well as liquorice gan cao harmonizes and energizes. The soothing scent of melissa leaves xiang feng hua ye and orange blossoms cheng hua round off the tea.


Pinyin English
gao liang galanga
da zao Chinese date
bai he lily bulb
gan cao licorice
suan zao ren spiny zizphus seed
bai shao white peony root
xiang fu nut-grass rhizome
cheng hua orange blossoms
fu shen poria with hostwood
yu jin curcuma
xiang feng hua ye melissa leaves

Package size: 80 g


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