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Autumn is assigned to the metal element. It is the time of the harvest in nature, as well as spiritually. The colour white belongs to the metal element.

Lungs and colon are the two energetic organs of the metal element. Both organs represent a connection of the body to the outside world. Metal people are often prone to skin complaints or constipation. The immune system is also assigned to the metal element and can manifest itself through susceptibility to infection.

Metal people are often very correct and tend towards perfectionism. They can have a reserved or cynical effect on their fellow human beings and are often honest and just, with a pronounced organisational talent. An unbalanced metal person can be prone to sadness and sorrow.

Metal people have a straight body and are rather rectangular, with few curves. Nevertheless, their shoulders are wide. The face is also rectangular with a wide forehead.



Pinyin English
lü cha      Green tea     
ju hua Chrysanthemum flowers     
gou qi zi      Goji berries
bo he Peppermint

Package size: 70 g

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