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The fire element finds its greatest strength in summer. The heat of this season is reflected in the hot temperament of fire people. Fittingly, red is the colour of the fire element.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energetic organs heart and small intestine, as well as pericardium and San Jiao are assigned to fire. In Chinese medicine the heart accommodates the spirit Shen.

Fire people are mostly extroverted, enthusiastic and like to laugh. They are full of ideas and convince others with their dexterous choice of words. Fire people like to be at the centre of attention and know how to present themselves in the best light. An unbalanced fire person can tend to live too much in the extremes of joy and joylessness or start new projects that they cannot finish.

Fire people are narrow and elegantly built. Their palms are narrow with long fingers, and the same applies to their feet. The face of fire people is often pointed with a high forehead.



Pinyin English
(suan zao ren      Sour jujube seeds     
lian zi xin Lotus plumule
feng mi Honey

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