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The late summer is assigned to the earth element. It is the time of transformation from Yang to Yin. The color of the earth element is yellow, like the maturing periods of the wheat fields.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energetic organs stomach and spleen / pancreas are assigned to the earth, with the idea that these two organs are responsible for digestion. Digestive complaints of any kind  therefore often originate in the earth element.

In some graphics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the earth is also represented as the middle of the 5 elements. This is an indication that the earth likes to rest in the middle. So earth people are mostly cozy and sociable people who like to live in harmony. Earth people like to take care of their family and friends. If the earth element is balanced, the earth people have a strong concentration. If a disharmony exists, it can be that the earth people worry too much, which often burdens them.

Earth people have a rather square body with rounded shapes. The arms and legs are short and the face is round with full cheeks.



Pinyin English
qiao mai
chen pi Tangerine peel
gan jiang     

Ginger root

lü cha

Green tea

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