LIAN mission statement


We produce and distribute medicinal products that meet the requirements of a holistic, individualizes form of therapy. In particular, we work in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the aim of facilitating access to high-quality Chinese medicines, health and wellness products and thus support the further development of TCM into a global and recognized form of therapy.

TCM sees itself as a form of medicine, which sees each individual person as a whole and restores their energetic balance according to the understanding of the traditional Chinese world view - with the intention of promoting the patient's self-healing powers and thus allowing comprehensive health, long-term well-being, enjoyment of life and vitality.


We want the greatest possible availability of our products at the highest possible quality level for medical professionals, therapists and patients.

We want wide recognition of our products by combining holistic health tradition with high quality conciousness, production engineering advances, innovation and up-to-date scientific knowledge.

We want sustainable economic success by supporting successful medical treatment with professional competence, user-oriented support services and impeccable product quality.


Sense of responsibility

We work at the highest possible standards for quality assurance according to the requirements of regional authorities, our own internal standards, as well as the model according to Swiss legislation, which in the case of TCM, concerns the quality of medicine products.

When it comes to quality assurance, we take resposibility for holistic medical health. Unless regulated by law, we choose, to the best of our knowledge and beliefs, to exclude health risks. We expect both patient-facing and other medical professionals (medical therapists and pharmacists) to have the appropriate quality assurance and TCM know-how (eg, proven training) for their work.

In dealing with plants and animals, we are committed to environmental compatibility, sustainability and animal ethics. The protection of endangered species and the preservation of biodiversity are matters of great concern to us, and stand above medical and economic importance.

Competence and engagement

Knowledge about quality assurance and traditional Chinese medicine has a high priority in our company. In both areas, we are continuing to develop and are on the cutting edge. We pass on our knowledge to our customers and commit ourselves to competence at all levels of application

We work with authorities, associations and schools in good faith and support the common effort to promote TCM, increase its social status and to develop it into a globally recognised form of medicine.

Fairness und respect

Fairness and respect for fellow human beings, customers, employees and the environment motivate us and form the basis of our actions.

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